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Lunar System. Will this be the easiest solar energy storage solution to install?

30 May, 2023

Lunar System Will this be the easiest solar energy storage solution to install

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There are many solar energy storage solutions available in the market, but when a new one comes from the former Tesla’s head of energy operations, we know we need to look into it.

The Lunar System solar battery is made by Lunar Energy

The Lunar System solar battery is made by Lunar Energy

Lunar Energy, led by former Tesla senior director of energy operatioons Kunal Girotra, has unveiled its groundbreaking product, the Lunar System. This innovative energy solution, recognized for its sleek design by the international iF Design Award Jury, promises to revolutionize the way we capture and utilize clean energy for our homes. By seamlessly integrating with solar panels, the Lunar System empowers users to generate, store, and control their own energy, regardless of the weather conditions. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and benefits of this compact and adaptable system.

The Lunar System’s Compact Design for Maximum Efficiency

The Lunar System is ingeniously designed to make the most efficient use of limited wall space. Its stunningly compact form factor incorporates all the necessary components for capturing clean energy and powering your home. As the percentage of solar power increases, your energy costs decrease, offering an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

Lunar System has been built to withstand extreme conditions

Recognizing the world’s increasing environmental extremes, Lunar Energy subjected every component of the Lunar System to rigorous testing under brutal conditions, including extreme temperatures, wetness, and dryness. Operating in temperatures -20°C to 45°C (-4F to 113F), this system is the result of meticulous engineering, offering unparalleled performance even in the harshest environments. And yes, you can install it outdoors!

The Lunar System solar energy storage solution can be installed outdoors

The Lunar System solar energy storage solution can be installed outdoors

Highly Adaptable and Easy Installation

The Lunar System provides remarkable adaptability, allowing it to be installed indoors or outdoors, on walls, floors, basements, or any other suitable location. With its modular design, the system is scalable, enabling users to add more storage capacity by simply stacking additional 5kWh modules. The installation process is streamlined, taking advantage of fewer parts and simplified steps, ultimately saving time and reducing costs. In fact, the battery can be installed in just three hours, benefiting both homeowners and installers. Traditional solar power systems often result in a clutter of multiple boxes and complex wiring. Lunar Energy addresses this issue with its sleek and space-saving design, integrating the inverter and battery into a single unit. This breakthrough eliminates unnecessary components and significantly reduces installation time by approximately 30%. Furthermore, the Lunar System’s modular structure enables installers to handle smaller and more manageable battery blocks, eliminating the cumbersome handling of massive batteries.

Key Components of the Lunar System

The Lunar System comprises several integral components that work harmoniously to maximize power and efficiency. The Lunar Battery, the heart of the system, boasts the most compact and powerful inverter and battery combination in its class. The Bridge component connects your home to the grid, serving as an electrical panel that monitors and distributes power precisely where and when it is needed. The Maximizer, another vital element, optimizes solar panel performance, extracting the maximum power from the solar panels.

Controlling the Lunar System with the intuitive Lunar App

The Lunar System is complemented by a user-friendly mobile application called The Lunar App. This powerful app offers real-time insights into the system’s performance, providing users with a comprehensive overview of its current status, past performance, and future plans. Moreover, the app’s predictive AI feature tracks weather patterns and safeguards against outages. It also optimizes energy consumption, helping users save money by utilizing the most cost-effective energy sources, be it the grid, solar power, or battery.

Uninterrupted Power Supply and Disaster Preparedness

In the event of a power grid failure, the Lunar System seamlessly disconnects from the grid and instantly switches to solar power, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply without any flickering of lights. Additionally, the system can be customized to prioritize power distribution to essential appliances during emergencies. The Lunar App provides users with valuable information about power availability based on weather conditions and consumption, enabling them to operate indefinitely as long as solar power keeps charging the batteries.

The Lunar System will first be available in the US starting in California. Lunar Energy then plans to expand across the country and then go international, so EU buyers may need to wait a little.