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Cell-to-Body Battery Technology. The safest batteries for electric cars.

8 January, 2024

Cell-to-Body Battery Technology. The safest batteries for electric cars.

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We examine the amazing Cell-to-Body Battery Technology and see why the remarkable safety properties it gives to electric cars.

The safety issue of electric car batteries

As with every lithium battery (but also batteries in general), one of the most important safety aspects is keeping the integrity of the outer casing intact. We have seen the devastating effects a puncture can have in a battery, and the video below shows exactly what can happen to even a small battery pack when its outside casing is punctured:

You can see the severity of the explosion. Now multiply this by a few thousand times (because that’s how many cells an electric vehicle consists of), and think of how bad things would go on a car crash.

Car manufacturers had to resolve this issue, as it was imperative that an electric cars battery wouldn’t explode if the car was involved in an accident. One of the most recent battery building technologies is called “Cell-to-Body Battery“, and the safety characteristics in brings are impressive!

Cell-to-Body Battery. Literally, a life-saver.

In 2022, the Chinese EV manufacturer BYD started producing their cars with Cell-to-Body batteries. This means that instead of small battery packs one next to the other, the batteries are now connected directly to the car’s chassis instead. This is not only beneficial for the lower weight of the car (as there are fewer structural materials used), but also extremely safer. How safer? Have a look at the double sided crash test…