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Battery storage cases. You need one.

7 February, 2024

Battery storage cases

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In this article, we’ll examine battery storage cases. Although often overseen, they are very valuable to have, cheap to buy and easy to store.

Everything around us needs batteries. We have so many scattered around and it’s hard to organise them properly. Think about it: at home you have your TV remote, weighing scale, various electronics, your smoke and CO2 detectors, alarm clocks, radios, torches and flashlights, even vapes (if you’re into vaping). We bet most of you have all these batteries in a drawer somewhere, possibly along with a charger, all laying around ready to be used. That is until you actually pop them into your radio or tflashlight and realise they are dead and somehow got mixed with the good ones. Then you go and buy more batteries, mix them with the existing ones, and the problem perpetuates. Well, battery organizer storage case are here to change that.

Battery storage cases help you organise your batteries efficiently

The first and most useful function of battery storage cases is that they allow you to gather all your batteries in one place. No more searching between drawers for remote batteries, they’re all in one place.

Then comes safety. As you may know, most fires that originate from batteries happen due to people storing them the wrong way. Vapers are notorious for that. They just bring a spare battery with them, pop it in their pocket along with their keys, and then this happens:

And that’s not the only case. There are hundreds of similar videos on YouTube!

Why does this happen? Because when you connect the positive terminal of an 18650 battery to the negative terminal, the battery shorts, overheats and eventually explodes. So when you hear the news say “an electronic cigarette exploded”, they are technically wrong. It’s a battery that exploded, and that could just as well be in a pocket on its own, not attached to an actual e-cigarette.

To understand how quickly this can happen, have a look at this video:

This short would never happen if the battery was in a case. If you’re a vaper, we most definitely recommend that you buy one or more of the cases below to store your batteries on the go:

Onwon 2 Pack 8 Cell 18650

Each transparent portable battery holder designed to hold up to 8x 18650 batteries.
The case is made of high quality Polypropylene(PP), which is strong, durable and resilient.

The case is very lightweight and portable for home or travel use.

Compact 18650 Battery Storage Case

Stores up to 6pcs 18650 batteries.
Made with a hard plastic exterior and modeled sponge cushion interior to prevent your batteries from damage and impact.

The case has a solid snap closure that keeps your batteries secure and protects them from dust and moisture.

Birdz 3 Clear 18650

The perfect organizer for charged and discharged batteries.
This case fits 65mm 18650 batteries only, it does not fit 69mm 18650 batteries.
Heavy duty material with a snug fit. The lid snaps ultra tight.

Lightweight and easy to use.

JJC 20 Slots 18650 Battery Case

Stores up to 20 x 18650 batteries.
The custom fit batteries holder helps to neatly hold the batteries snugly in place within the slots, keeps batteries in well-organized, prevents accidental contact between batteries from causing a fire or explosion.
Made of high-quality and environment-friendly ABS plastic material, With a silicone O-ring seal inside,the case is water-resistant and can effectively keep dust free.

This case is pressureproof, shockproof, sturdy and provides years of reliable use, and can effectively bear the weight of all contained batteries.

Battery storage cases for different battery sizes

When we refer to batteries though, it’s not just the 18650s in vapes. Household devices can use all types of batteries, like AA, AAA, 9V, C and so on. These also need to be stored safely and prevented from shorts. A battery case can store all these batteries correctly and help you find them when you need them.

Another advantage of a battery case is that it is portable. This means you can easily take the case with you on a trip or quickly grab it before you leave the house during an emergency. For example, many people living in areas prone to earthquakes or flooding often need to vacate their homes quickly and grab basic appliances that require batteries to work. For them, a battery storage case is a great solution, as they contain designated slots or compartments for different battery sizes, helping to prevent clutter and keep everything neat, tidy and easy to use when needed.

Lastly, many people who like to be prepared for adverse situations, often stock up on batteries for an extensive period. They organise their batteries in what’s called the FIFO method, (First In, First Out), to make sure they always have the newest batteries ready to use. A battery case will protect batteries from environmental factors like moisture and dust, which can degrade battery performance over time.

Battery storage cases come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Here are the ones we recommend:



GWCASE 120+ Battery Storage Case

Can hold 32xAAA, 26xAA, 8xC, 6xD, 6x9V, 8xLithium 3V and button batteries (CR 2032, CR 2016, CR 1632, CR 2025.1616/ 2025 / 2032 / 2016, LR44 AG13 A76 357 303 SR44 CR44)

External dimensions are 10″ x 7.5″ x 4″

THE BATTERY ORGANISER 180 Storage Case with Tester

Can hold 78 AA, 64 AAA, eight 9-volt, 10 C, 8 D, and 12 flat batteries. The case can also be Wall-Mounted.

External dimensions are 14.29″ x 9.29″ x 3.62″

Comecase Hard 148 Battery Organiser Case + Battery Tester

Can hold 66xAA, 48xAAA, 8xC, 6xD, 8x9V, 12xButton type batteries (3v lithium – CR 2032, CR 2016, CR 1632, CR 2025), total over 148 batteries and a Battery Tester

External dimensions are 9.6″ x 13″ x 3.15″

PAIYULE 140+ Storage Case with Tester

Can hold 8pcs AAAA,8pcs D, 8pcs C, 48pcs AAA, 48pcs AA, 8pcs 9V, 12pcs Lithium 3V(CR 20. perfect fits for Energizer/for ACDelco/for Rayovac/for AG13 A76/2032/ CR203/CR1632/CR2025/CR1616/CR2016 batteries

External dimensions are 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 3″

ALKOO 200+ Storage Case with Tester

Can hold 8xD, 8xC, 7xCR1632, 7xCR2032, 8xAAAA, 48xAA, 47xAAA, 20xLR44, 8x9V (all the batteries did not included) a batteries tester checker BT-168 for 2A 3A 4A flat batteries (3v lithium – CR 2032,CR 2016,CR 1632, CR 2025. for Duracell – 1616/ 2025/ 2032/ 2016)

External dimensions are 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 3″

Aptbyte 269 Batteries Storage Case with Tester

This is a double sided case that can hold 84xAAA, 78xAA, 12xD, 12xC, 12x9V, 14xAAAA, 6xCR2, 12xCR123, 10x4LR44, 5x23A, 6×18650 and 18pcs button batteries.

External dimensions are 14.1″ x 8″ x 3.5″